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  • The only e-auction tool specifically designed for SME’s
  • The online tool to aid your negotiation with suppliers

Key Features

  • Supplier On-boarding Process

    • Structured online pre-qualification process for suppliers
    • Data collected and stored in online repository
    • Fully functional self-service portal
  • RFQ Capability

    • Supports RFT, RFP, RFQ processes
    • Secure competition with online RFQ functionality
    • Gather supplier information about their value proposition
    • Use both quantitative and qualitative evaluation criteria to choose your source
    • A centralised process that acts as a vehicle for communication, documentation and more
  • E-Auctions

    • Makes negotiation simple and efficient
    • Attain optimum value from the market
    • Multiple auction scenarios to choose from
  • Weighted RFQ's / E-Auctions

    • Events that are not only price centric
    • Much more equitable solution for both customer and supplier
    • Customized evaluation criteria
    • Supports compliance with an automated decision support for a transparent and auditable process
  • Configurable Questionnaires

    • Used to attain greater information about a supplier's capability
    • Used for RFI or in conjunction with an event
    • Can be weighted accordingly for evaluation criteria
    • Fully customizable to your needs
  • Document sharing & Storage

    • Standardise requests and submissions for documentation
    • Stored and sharing in a central online repository
  • Centralized Messaging Portal

    • Centralize all communication with multiple suppliers
    • Communication logs kept for timings and authors
  • Reporting & Analytics

    • Both customer and supplier reporting
    • Provides strategic information for customers to analyse savings and value addition
    • Provides market intelligence for suppliers to understand their competitive position

Key Customer Benefits

  • Significant cost reductions / lead times reductions / cash flow improvements and much more
  • Delivering more sourcing events in a single year means more value
  • A centralized and tailored supplier qualification process
  • A best practice, consistent and repeatable approach to sourcing process
  • Provides a repository for sourcing information
  • Enables knowledge management
  • Improves compliance, and improving transparency
  • Underpins your sourcing process
  • Step change in efficiency gains by radically streamlining the negotiation process
  • Increased competition amongst supply base

Key Supplier Benefits

  • Attain greater competitive intelligence, on business won and lost
  • Foundation for supplier relationship development
  • Efficiency gains by significantly reducing time in the sourcing process
  • Offers greater transparency and framework to deal with customers
  • Better understand a company’s mission, vision and values, based on content of e-sourcing events
  • Improved diligence at the front end of the process
  • Force synergies in the suppliers sourcing process, for a more collaborative process
  • Significantly improve the timeframe and cost of acquiring potential business


  • ZEK Trading

    ZEK Trading FZE is a valve manufacturer catering to four main industries in the GCC region: Oil & Gas, Maritimes, HVAC and Fire Fighting.

    From the first reverse auction with ProcurementPal, we made savings and improved payment terms. It has become a key tool to operate our business.
    Fabian Hoehn - Managing Director
  • UpSafe Scaffolding

    UpSafe Scaffolding provide comprehensive scaffolding design, erection and dismantling for all sizes of project in the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors.

    ProcurementPal have taken the time and cost out of our procurement process allowing us to concentrate on what we do best.
    Matt Lance - Director