Founded in 2017 as an independent start-up, Procurementpal caters to the portion of the market that all other e-sourcing software has ignored; the SME market.

ProcurementPal is an online tool that solves the problem of procurement professionals effectively negotiating with their suppliers, whilst giving suppliers access to a wider market.

ProcurementPal was born out of our frustration with the traditional software, so we sought to develop our own. In doing so, we believe we have solved the problems our competitors cannot.

We have addressed the inadequate price-centric auctions of legacy e-sourcing software whilst vastly improving on the user interface for ease of use. We have also eliminated the outright extortionate fees that price SME's out of competitors' software, allowing customers to enjoy no up-front costs, no contractual tie-ins and a guaranteed return on their investment.

Welcome to ProcurementPal, we would love you to join us!